About Us

Mission Statement

“The Irish Fertility Counsellors’ Association (IFCA) facilitates its members to provide counselling, information and support for those affected by fertility issues. We aim to encourage continuous professional development and share best practice amongst our members to allow for the highest standard of excellence in a specialist counselling setting”

All members of the Irish Fertility Counsellor’s Association are professionally qualified counsellors and psychotherapists who specialise in the area of fertility and assisted reproduction. It was founded in 2008 and our members work throughout Ireland providing support and counselling to anyone dealing with infertility and contemplating or undergoing any aspect of fertility treatment.

What do we do?

Fertility counselling is for individuals and couples who would like help to cope with the unique emotions and stresses of fertility treatment and the complex and uncertain journey involved in assisted reproduction.

Most counselling around infertility includes dealing with the loss of the biological family a client may have planned, and proceeding to consider other options. It can also offer help in dealing with the unique stresses of fertility treatment and the uncertainty of outcomes, and dealing with the likes of unsuccessful treatment cycles.

Our fertility counsellors are sensitive to the emotions you may experience, and the challenges of the treatment itself. They will help a client to consider their options around their fertility journey and the implications, both now and in the future for the intending parents and their families.